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NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution module was designed so you can use a single cloud platform to manage all aspects of your warehouse. With comprehensive tools that enable you to manage inventory, your supply chain, handle procurement, streamline order processing, and much more.

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With the ability to handle multiple locations so you can track and manage stock across different warehouses simultaneously, NetSuite Wholesale Distribution can provide you with real-time visibility into your inventory, improving order accuracy and reducing stockouts. 

It also provides strong features for handling finances, managing customer relationships, and harnessing business intelligence so you can improve financial performance.  

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At OSSM, we’re here to make your NetSuite journey as simple as possible by integrating this solution into your business framework. Working together with our team, our approach ensures a swift, efficient, and cost-effective transition, enabling you to propel your business to the next level.

Automate Procurement Process

Improve purchasing within your warehouse with automatic PO creation, automation of purchase requisitions and automatic supplier selection so you can ensure to secure best pricing and maintain sufficient stock levels.  


More Efficient

Finish projects rapidly, create precise invoices, and prevent revenue losses.

Better Demand Planning

Effortlessly oversee various inventory sites, predict demand, and automate purchase order creation with a simple click.

Multiple Warehouses

Can handle multiple warehouses so you can track inventory across multiple locations in real time simultaneously. 

Warehouse Management

Reduce expenses, boost profits, and elevate customer satisfaction through seamless, up-to-the-minute warehouse management.

Inventory Management

Effectively adjust reorder points and preferred stock levels while maintaining complete traceability through lot and serial tracking.

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