Construction for NetSuite

Many construction companies grapple with the issue of using multiple disconnected systems and rely on manual processes to manage their projects. Cloud computing and state-of-the-art construction management systems present a robust solution to the industry’s challenges, delivering real-time insights into job costing, claim preparation, and financial data, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of your entire business. 

NetSuite: A Unified Suite for 36,000+ Global Customers
NetSuite's Native Field Management Solutions: Seamless Scheduling, Asset Management, and Mobile App Integration.
Streamlining Your Business for Success

Construction for NetSuite represents a pioneering cloud-based construction management solution. This unparalleled software seamlessly integrates construction automation into NetSuite’s native cloud platform. Revolutionising operations for construction and project-based businesses, this comprehensive construction management tool provides extensive functionality, empowering companies to achieve their maximum potential.

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Benefits of NetSuite for Construction Organisations

360 Degree Insights

Provides complete visibility of your entire organisation, with real-time dashboards.

Construction Accounting

A comprehensive set of tools enabling you to manage all financial tasks within your construction company.

Job Costing & Estimating

NetSuite offers functionality such as cost estimating, client proposal, scheduling of values and change order management.

Elimination of Margin Erosion

Using NetSuite’s real-time Visibility, benchmarking, and drill-down capabilities to eliminate inefficiencies.


From schedule of values to payment claims, NetSuite’s construction management solution expedites routine tasks.


A unified platform for the construction sector including financial management, projects, inventory, sales bidding and proposals, procurement, CRM and more.

5 Reasons to choose NetSuite for Construction Management

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