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Manufacturing Process

The NetSuite Manufacturing Suite is a scalable, cloud-based solution built specially for manufacturers. Bringing real-time insights across your entire organisation, it provides inventory, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, eommerce capabilities and more.

This is a complete solution for manufacturing organisations looking to revolutionise what they do and how. Used across the world, it covers everything from dynamic replenishment and production planning, to warehouse management and partner relationship management.

NetSuite Manufacturing frees you to focus on innovation rather than maintaining multiple different systems at once. What’s more, it helps you gain the essential visibility and control of the key processes that manufacturers need to effectively compete in the market. As a leading NetSuite Solution Provider, OSSM can help you integrate it quickly and cost-effectively, to bring a new level to your business and its offering.

Key Features & Benefits

Sales & Marketing

Having a true cloud manufacturing solution means that data flows seamlessly across your organisation from lead and opportunity through to sales order, shipment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and customer service.


  • Integrated sales and marketing capabilities including sales, marketing automation and customer service
  • More accurate sales performance through forecasting
  • Run your entire global sales and marketing teams from a single platform, including commission management
  • Customer portal available as standard to optimise the customer experience

Product Management

NetSuite’s product management is second to none with capabilities to set up and maintain all the master data required to run a business, including items, customers, vendors and partners. As it’s a single cloud-based platform, the flow of data from procurement to production to inventory to shipment to sales is dynamic and seamless.


  • Deliver flexibility in costing using a variety of methods including LIFO, FIFO, average, standard and actual
  • Ensure any production changes flow through to Bill of Materials, plans and inventories
  • Easily integrate with other CAD applications for a complete end-to-end production process

Order Management

With supply chain issues high up on the priority list for manufacturing and distribution businesses, keeping your finger on the pulse is evermore critical. NetSuite’s intelligent order management automatically takes care of promised orders, allocations, orchestration and execution processes, allowing you to fulfil orders intelligently based on your global availability and your business rules.


  • One central system that takes care of all the order-to-cash processes
  • Use workflows for approvals and price discounting
  • Optimize your fulfilment to meet demand while holding just the right amount of safety stock
  • Dashboard views and KPI’s to help stay on top of your supply chain activities

Planning & Scheduling

Planning and scheduling go hand in hand ensuring that you are fully optimizing your production processes. NetSuite’s graphical production scheduling tool means that scheduling work orders can be done quickly and easily.


  • Schedule backwards and forwards using NetSuite’s graphical production scheduler
  • Drag and drop scheduled operations for manual override
  • Scheduling caters for advanced sequencing

Production Control

NetSuite offers endless flexibility when it comes to managing your own production processes. Different locations can have different methods of manufacturing the same product according to their facilities and other specific requirements.


  • Apply different manufacturing configuration at location-level
  • Configure Blackflush, WIP and Timesheet capture to suit your organisational needs
  • Automatic status updates
  • See work orders in real time
  • Close and update orders using batch updates


Stay on top of your vendors to ensure you are getting the best performance for your business. NetSuite’s procurement functionality is highly sophisticated.


  • Easy management of inventory across multiple locations/countries
  • Use supply plans to ensure you are ordering sufficient inventory to meet demand
  • Give your vendors access to the Vendor Portal to improve engagement and automate the purchasing process
  • Multi-level approval workflows to keep tighter control of expenditure
  • Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Requests help streamline internal ordering processes
  • Blanked PO’s and Purchasing Contracts available within NetSuite

Supply Chain Management

Whether you are manufacturing on-site or outsourcing your production, you should still be able to manage and supply your products in the same way. NetSuite gives you a complete view of your inventory, regardless of where it is located.


  • See your global inventory status in real-time
  • Inventory Item location management (including 3PL and Vendor)
  • Full Distribution Requirement Planning for multi-location planning

Shop Floor Data Capture

Use NetSuite’s intelligent shop floor tablet application for complete visibility on where, when, why and how your products are being manufactured. Use this data to gather useful intelligence to help predict, plan and schedule for the future.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Real-time manufacturing updates help shape decisions on business operations
  • Capture data such as issues, production, down-time and quality issues as they arise

Quality Management

NetSuite’s built-in quality management solution ensures that products leaving your manufacturing process are of the highest quality with minimal overhead.


  • Create and maintain inspection plans
  • Capture both incoming and in-process inspection results
  • Use pass/fail criteria for comparison purposes
  • Non-conformance reporting

Warehouse Management

NetSuite’s warehouse management solution optimizes warehouse practices using industry leading best practices including intelligent pick and pack processes, handheld barcode scanning, cycle counting and integration with shipping systems.


  • Optimize space
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve order fulfil rates and fulfilment accuracy
  • See real-time inventory movements

Reporting & Analytics

NetSuite comes with hundreds of built-in reports and analytics components straight “out-of-the-box”, with the flexibility to amend or create your own from scratch.


  • A range of intuitive reporting and analytics tools built-in
  • Visualize your data in different formats to suit your needs
  • Use to create reminders and KPI’s on different users/team dashboards

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