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As a field service organisation, you might find it difficult to find a single solution that manages your entire business. Until now. NextService is the industry’s most flexible and powerful mobile field service solution for increasing your service revenues and improving your operational efficiency.

Leveraging native NetSuite functionality, it ticks multiple boxes across marketing and customer engagement, order confirmation and inventory and project scheduling and despatch. A comprehensive field service management solution, it also covers your timesheets and expense management, billing, job costing, revenue recognition, reporting and customer service.

NextService is a hugely popular, award-winning solution that delivers best-in-class functionality for a wide range of industries. As a leading NetSuite Solution Provider, OSSM can integrate it into your organisation quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, to bring unprecedented efficiency to your field service management offering.

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Key Features & Benefits:

Customer Engagement

The flexibility of the NextService mobile solution means field service teams have all the customer and job information they need at their fingertips.

  • Customer Retention – with up-to-date and accurate information to hand, customers will be better serviced and will trust your team and your brand
  • Better Customer Experience – technicians will have a complete customer service history on the app, increasing first time fixes and delivering a more efficient customer service
  • Grow Service Revenue – Preventative maintenance contracts can be efficiently managed, enabling companies earn increased revenue
  • Consistency in Delivery – with defined processes, checklists and workflows, you can be sure that your team will be delivering a consistent service level to your customers.

Schedule & Dispatch

Make scheduling and dispatching easy with NextService Scheduler. Whether you’re scheduling individuals or crews, the flexibility of the software means you can easily add or change resources using the drag and drop functionality

Scheduling Filters – You can filter your views to see technician availability by date view, technician, skillset, location, labour cost or by job type. Using filters ensures that the right technician is scheduled to the right job – every time

Schedule Individuals and Teams – You can schedule individuals or Teams within NetSuite. Jobs are colour coded by priority to ensure that the most urgent work is dealt with first.

Job Status in Real-Time – Colour coding is used to display the status of every job. You also have a map view displaying the location of every technician making it easy for office staff to assign new work to the closest technician with the closest skills match.

Mobile Emulation – Office staff can see the information as seen by the field technicians. This is a great way to support your field staff and provide on-the-job assistance or to deliver training.

Work Order Management

Work orders can be set up to fit your business processes. Create work orders from NetSuite cases, sales orders or projects or from NextService customer assets. Use the Scheduler to assign resources to the jobs and then dispatch the job to your mobile team

Job and Task Creation – Create work orders for warranties, repairs, preventative maintenance, installations or any other type of job. Include supporting documents or schematics, decide which notes to display internally or externally (for customers).

Checklists and Forms – Custom checklists and forms can be easily configured as part of your workflow. Data flows from forms and checklists into NetSuite for use in reports and analytics

Customer Asset Management – Field Service teams can quickly access the customer asset and work orders including installation data and service history

Parts and Inventory – All items accounted for as technicians can consume parts on the job by using the drop down select menu or a built-in scanner

Asset Management

Asset History – Keep accurate records of every customer asset including those that have been transferred to another customer

Warranties – Automatically generate work orders for equipment under warranty

Preventative Maintenance – Built-in automation to manage preventative maintenance and increase service revenue

Configurable Asset Records – Asset Records can be configured to match industry-specific needs and terminology

Inventory & Returns

NextService enables field service companies to manage and track their items, reducing missing parts and associated costs to the business. It’s easy for field staff to use inventory items on the go using their mobile app with built-in scanner.

One integrated inventory management solution – NextService feeds from NetSuite’s powerful inventory management solution, meaning that all inventory is in the one place and centrally controlled

Inventory consumption – Field workers can consume parts using the mobile app and integrated scanning feature

Stock Replenishment – Increase the number of first time fixes by ensuring stock is adequately replenished to meet the needs of your mobile teams (installation, preventative maintenance, repairs etc)

Automated Returns – Simple automated returns process which can be actioned from the field, helping to maintain positive customer relationships

Female Inventory Manager Shows Digital Tablet Information to a Worker Holding Cardboard Box, They Talk and Do Work. In the Background Stock of Parcels with Products Ready for Shipment.

Field Mobility

The NextService mobile app comes ready to go with customer and asset history, photo and signature capture

Inventory Management – No need to have dedicated devices, the NextService app enables mobile teams consume inventory on the go, from any mobile device running any operating system

Photo and Signature Capture – Capture before and after photos of the job and capture customer and/or technician signatures for inclusion on Service Reports

Checklist and Forms – Digital forms and checklists will eliminate paper based processes. Staying compliant has never been easier

Customer/Asset History – See instantly what work has been done, by which technician on which site and which parts were used.

Reporting & Analysis

NextService customer asset records, service history, checklists and forms provide the ingredients for some powerful reporting and analytics. Leveraging the power of NetSuite’s reporting engine, NextService supplies over 50 standard reports and “saved searches”.

Custom Forms – Data captured from mobile forms is stored directly in NetSuite and can be used at any time for reports and analytics. Forms can be used to gather and analyse data such as installation procedures, certification testing and more.

Customer Asset Records – NextService customer asset records can accommodate equipment and parts from any industry or manufacturer, making it a highly flexible system.

Checklists – Checklist can be used to capture data for a variety of purposes including health & safety, pre-site visit requirements, pre-installation equipment requirements and more. The data can be captured and used within NetSuite for reporting and analysis.

Inventory Management – NextService works with the NetSuite inventory functionality to gather stock consumption from the field. Parts used on a customer site can easily be converted to a customer asset.

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