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SuitePeople brings together HR and payroll information with financial, project planning, budgeting, and procurement tasks, getting rid of the need for multiple disparate systems and making the HR function more efficient across your entire business.  


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Using one tool to handle HR, payroll, and finances, SuitePeople will help your organisation get rid of unnecessary integrations, boost data accuracy, enhance the employee experience, and make smarter decisions. This way, you can closely link how your employee workforce performs to how your business performs. 

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At OSSM, we’re here to make your NetSuite journey as simple as possible by integrating this solution into your business framework. Working together with our team, our approach ensures a swift, efficient, and cost-effective transition, enabling you to propel your business to the next level.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

With all HR and payroll data stored in a single system, there is less room for data discrepancies or inconsistencies. This enhances data accuracy and reduces the potential for compliance issues. 

Better Visibility

Gain a deeper view on how the financial performance of your business is affected by the workforce.

Create Efficiencies

With HR and Payroll integrated into one solution, you can streamline the HR and payroll processes and reduces the risk of errors.

Reduce HR Costs

With a single system, employees and management can accomplish simple tasks quicker and in real-time.  

More Accurate Reporting

Centralise all employee information making reporting more accurate and efficient.  

Better Employee Engagement

Review and recognise employee tasks and reward achievements.

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