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NetSuite ERP is a powerful cloud solution offering a range of features and benefits that cater to different business needs and objectives. Covering areas such as finance, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), order processing, inventory, procurement, warehouse management and much more, it provides you with everything you need to establish efficient processes and gain transparency across your business operations.

Gaining Insights through Powerful Financial Reporting for Improved Visibility
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Gaining Insights through Powerful Financial Reporting for Improved Visibility
Gaining Insights through Powerful Financial Reporting for Improved Visibility
Streamlining Your Business for Success

NetSuite ERP is an extremely adaptable solution, capable of accommodating the ever-evolving demands of businesses. Its flexibility empowers organisations to efficiently control IT expenses, enhance accounting efficiencies, simplify order management and procurement workflows, eliminate the need for time-consuming spreadsheet-based reporting, and boost overall employee productivity. 

Using the Suite Success implementation option, we can expedite your setup process by providing you with pre-constructed modules, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, reports, and workflows neatly bundled into a package tailored to your industry.

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Benefits of NetSuite ERP -
Power Up Your Business.

At OSSM, we’re here to make your NetSuite journey as simple as possible by integrating this solution into your business framework. Working together with our team, our approach ensures a swift, efficient, and cost-effective transition, enabling you to propel your business to the next level.


Used by startups, SME’s and established global businesses, NetSuite ERP can scale as your business grows and your requirements change.

Reporting & Analytics

Get real-time, consolidated reporting and analytics through personalised dashboards and KPI’s. 


Easily tailor NetSuite ERP to your specific business needs and industry requirements.


As a modular solution, you can pick and choose the modules you require based on your business needs and requirements.  

Increased Accuracy

Strengthen your internal business controls by eliminating human error through automation.

Industry Specific Features

Can be configured and customised to suit the unique needs and processes of different industries.

5 Reasons to Choose NetSuite ERP
for Your Business

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Explore the depth and power of NetSuite ERP in this brochure, where you’ll discover its robust reporting capabilities, gaining a deeper understanding of how it delivers financial visibility. Learn how it drives enhanced business performance and delve deeper into the insights that NetSuite can provide.

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