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The Codeless integration platform integrates with NetSuite to offer a cutting-edge BPA (business process automation) platform specially crafted to unite various databases within your organisation, furnishing you with the tools necessary to create a seamlessly integrated ecosystem. This platform is not only flexible and scalable but also empowers you to wield full control over your data. It enables you to expand your business and effortlessly adjust to rapidly changing business needs. 

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Using their low-code platform, you can establish seamless connections across all your internal databases, eliminating the need to manually input data from one system to another. This not only saves you valuable time but also guarantees error-free information sharing. 

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At OSSM, we’re here to make your Integration Platform journey as simple as possible by integrating this solution into your business framework. Working together with our team, our approach ensures a swift, efficient, and cost-effective transition, enabling you to propel your business to the next level.


The platform is expandable, allowing your business to adapt to your evolving needs and grow without worrying about integration challenges. 

Create Custom Alerts

Design your own alerts based on simple rules, ensuring you stay informed about critical events and changes. 

Streamlined Data Connectivity

Codeless Integration Platform allows for the seamless connection of various data sources within your organisation, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring data consistency across systems. 

Generate Dynamic Reports and Documents

Effortlessly generate reports and documents that adapt to real-time data, maintaining accuracy and relevance.

Implement Workflow Processes

Optimise your business processes by implementing workflow automation, enhancing efficiency and productivity throughout your organisation. 

Integrate Systems

Seamlessly integrate various systems using a wide range of data connectors and APIs, facilitating smooth data flow and communication. 

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