Sanitation Services

Field Service Management for Sanitation Services

Manage and automate your sanitation and cleaning jobs with NextService. The NextService field service management solution sits inside NetSuite as a Native App, which means you can run your sanitation business from a single platform.

Eliminate paper-based and inefficient processes by introducing a smart, built for purpose end-to-end solution for your business.


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Benefits of NextService for Sanitation Services


Efficient Service Delivery

NextService helps sanitation companies do what they do faster and more efficiently, while simplifying compliance.

  • Enhance productivity – schedule the right people for the right jobs
  • Comply with Regulations – take pictures, capture signatures and enforce specific processes and workflows
  • Enhanced Customer Service – Have the status of each job to hand in real-time
  • Keep Accurate Service Records – the mobile app records a complete history of each medical device and components used
  • Diagnose issues faster – See full service history of each asset to speed up diagnosis and problem resolution
  • Data Insights – the data captured from mobile checklists and forms is stored in NetSuite for use in reports and analytics
  • Control Costs – track time, materials and expenses from technicians in real-time.

Organised Facility Management Service

With NextService’s clever scheduling board, getting the right person onto the right job, on time, has never been easier.

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Rapid Scheduling & Dispatch

NextService comes with a flexible drag-and-drop scheduling board. You have a complete visual of jobs and resources, so you can be sure to assign the right person to a job. Back office staff can use the mobile emulator to trouble shoot any on-site problems and to train field technicians.

Inventory Management

The benefit of having a fully integrated solution is that the parts are all managed centrally. Field workers can consume parts in the field, while the inventory management is kept fully up-to-date within NetSuite. NextService helps turn around leaking inventory and profits.

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