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Scope Eyecare is an innovative and fast-growing optical company offering dry eye, blepharitis, MGD and AMD products in Ireland, the UK and USA. All its products have had long-term success with patients.

Key product focuses include preservative-free eye drops which contain the ingredient hyaluronic acid. The company maintains a major focus on training, customer service, innovation, and relationships with key opinion leaders.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
LOCATION: Ireland & UK

The Challenge

Scope Eyecare has ambitious plans to expand its business into other markets such as the US. Key to achieving this is increased visibility and control over business processes. Scope Eyecare has enjoyed significant growth in the last three years.

Given this expansion, it quickly outgrew its existing financial software and needed technology to compile information from all operations onto a single platform to enhance the understanding of the overall business performance.

Scope Eyecare teamed up with OSSM to install a customised Oracle NetSuite ERP solution with the aim of meeting the company’s business needs and addressing productivity issues and inefficiencies.


The Solution

OSSM customised and implemented a NetSuite ERP solution to meet Scope Eyecare’s business needs and address productivity issues and inefficiencies.  The solution is used by all employees to process orders in real-time, giving Scope Eyecare up-to-the-minute sales and performance data. This in turn allows Scope Eyecare to meet customer orders quicker and forecast its materials purchasing needs more accurately.

The solution has also optimised accounting efficiency by granting finance staff visibility of business operations and accelerating the financial close process by 35%. Automated invoicing and detailed reporting also enhances Scope Eyecare’s professional image with customers enjoying a smoother experience with stock fulfilment no longer an issue.

Integrating all employees on a single and simple platform has connected and automated all departments of the company, from accounts to supply chain to business intelligence. This results in increased business performance and efficiency, which will enable Scope Eyecare to achieve its growth ambitions with confidence.

The Outcome

Increased Efficiencies

By providing insight into every aspect of the business through one platform

Production Output Increases

Integrated system enables it to run better and more efficiently.

Seamless Data Flow

The centralised and fully automated database allows employees to access and analyse data from anywhere

Increased visibility of business processes

One single platform allows for a clear overview of key operations

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers orders are granted quicker, and their purchasing experience is more seamless

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