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Whether you’re supplying locks, cctv, fire doors or other products and services to the construction industry, building trust and reliability is key. Getting the job done on time, first time, every time will help cement your reputation as a trusted supplier in the construction industry.

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Benefits of NextService for Construction Industry Suppliers


Delight Your Customers

NextService software for NetSuite provides construction industry suppliers with the perfect tool to automate internal processes from the field to the back office, with the customer experience right at the core of the solution.

  • Outstanding Customer Service – Carrying out jobs efficiently with the right tools, right inventory, right resource will delight your construction customers.
  • Mobile Data Capture – On their mobile device, technicians can quickly and easily complete checklists & forms, take photos, scan parts used and record time and expenses on the go. And with the data flowing seamlessly back into NetSuite, it’s easy to see the full picture.
  • Staying Compliant – Health & Safety and Security checklists and workflows can be easily configured to ensure that steps are followed in the right order by the right person.
  • Keeping Service Records – NextService holds a full service history of every inventory item and component used on a job.
  • Control Stock – Maintain visibility of stock levels, usage and missing parts. Track inventory used on the job using in in-built scanner.
  • Generate Recurring Revenue Stream – Preventative maintenance jobs can be scheduled quickly and easily, ensuring that you can deliver on your service level agreements

Keep Construction Industry Providers Operating Like a Well-Oiled Machine

No duplication of data entry, no physical paperwork, no spreadsheets to maintain, NextService for NetSuite can completely transform your business, increasing productivity and profitability.


Stay on top of Compliance

There’s no room for complacency or loose operating procedures when it comes to health & safety or security compliance. NextService can be set up to force operators to follow mandatory steps and processes.

Easy Scheduling and Dispatch

No need to have a whiteboard and colour pens or complex spreadsheets, NextService Schedule Board takes away all the hassle of scheduling and dispatching using drag-and-drop. Scheduling the right person to the job has never been easier.



Capturing the data is important but equally so is using that data for creating reminders and alerts, KPI’s, drill-down reports and operational and management reports. Having all the data in the one place will significantly reduce the time spent compiling and analysing data.

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