Respa Beds


Respa Beds is an Irish family-owned bed manufacturing company based in Oldcastle, Co. Meath. It has been in business for 75 years and employs 180 staff.

Respa Beds manufactures and supplies mattresses, divans, headboards and springs onsite for over 300 high-end retail outlets and major hospitality clients across Ireland and the UK.

Clients include Ashford Castle in Mayo, Radisson Group, The Shelbourne in Dublin and the Sanderson Hotel in London.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
TURNOVER: €22 million
LOCATION: Ireland & UK


Respa Beds has ambitious plans to increase mattress output by 40%. Key to achieving this is increased visibility and control over business processes.

With 6,000 different order options for mattresses alone, and more than 100,000 headboard and divan variations, Respa Beds needed to centralise sales and manufacturing information stored in disparate systems. This would allow it a much better overview of business performance.

Respa teamed up with OSSM to install a customised Oracle NetSuite ERP solution with the aim of integrating ordering, sales, accounts, and manufacturing processes to give them a clear view of key operations.


The Solution

OSSM installed a customised Oracle NetSuite ERP solution that integrates all ordering, sales, accounts and manufacturing processes. The solution is used by all employees and provides the granular detail needed to identify trends and patterns of demand. This in turn allows Respa Beds to meet customer orders quicker and forecast its raw materials purchasing needs more accurately.

The solution gives the sales team the most up-to-date data at their fingertips, resulting in a 20% reduction in the time spent following up on customer orders. It has also freed up more time for staff to actively pursue new business. In addition, NetSuite gave Respa the ability to handle thousands of different options allows them to provide customers with a more personalised product to suit their needs.

With NetSuite CRM, Respa have the ability to manage the sales process & maintain a history of customer buying patterns. This allows the team to estimate when the customer will most likely need their mattresses to be updated.

All employees use one user-friendly central system, which removes inefficiencies and provides data and reports that allow Respa Beds to analyse business performance daily and seamlessly. This results in a much-reduced scope for errors and enhanced capability to achieve ambitious growth targets.

The Outcome

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Solution provides granular detail needed to identify customer demand trends and patterns and allows Respa Beds to work to meet those demands.

20% Reduction in Time spent on Sales Follow-Ups

Sales teams have up-to-date information at their fingertips thus avoiding unnecessary calls being made to customers.

Enhanced Business Performance Analysis

All employees now use one user-friendly central system, which removes inefficiencies and provides data and reports that allow Respa to analyse business performance daily.

Increased Visibility of Business Processes

Integrated data allows for a clear overview of key operations

Reduction in Waste Material

The ability to use streamlined data to forecast purchasing needs in terms of raw materials means a reduction in buying unnecessary material

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